About Dr Gena Schultheis

Dr. Gena Schultheis is a Syracuse University and Baltimore College of Dental Surgery graduate with dental practices in Annapolis, MD and Dunkirk, MD. She's a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Eco-Dentistry Association, and Academy of Laser Dentistry. Dr. G was also a decorated Captain in the US Air Force. You can find her on Facebook, Google +, and Linkedin.

What Is Xylitol?

Xylitol is a sweetener that occurs in nature. It's a sugar alcohol that can be found in fruits, vegetables and even mushrooms. Xylitol is commonly used as a sugar substitute. But it's not like the "sugar-free" substitutes found in most chewing gums, candies and mints. The sugar-free choices you find in the super market tend to use less expensive alternatives. The reason we love Xylitol is that it can help to prevent tooth decay. At just 2.4 calories per gram, Xylitol has fewer calories and fewer carbohydrates than sugar. How Xylitol Works Tooth decay is caused by acid-producing bacteria that live in your mouth. When we eat sugar, these bacteria convert sugar into even more acid. Over time, the consuming sugar can work to dissolve tooth enamel. Then the bacteria invades and begins to eat away at the tooth's inner dentin layer. Xylitol tastes sweet but it's not converted in [...]

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You Can Help Save Water: Turn Off The Faucet While You Brush

The Statistics On Water Scarcity Are Frightening Water usage has been growing at more than twice the rate of population increase (Source: UN). One in every 3 people doesn't have access to clean water to meet their daily needs (Source: WHO). And half of the world's hospital beds are filled with people that are suffering from water-related diseases (Source: The Water Project). There are so many causes for these problems and when you look at the research, it's easy to get discouraged. And even easier to just ignore the problems. We Know It's A Monumental Problem. But We Can All Do Better Even though it's easy to ignore the problem or decide that your efforts won't have an impact, we don't see it that way. At our practice, we’re doing what we can. We strive to rethink and replace outdated methods and technologies. Our goal is to bring you quality [...]

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas and Your Smile

Healthy Breakfast Ideas, Breakfast Choices to Avoid, and How They Affect Your Smile It's no secret that a healthy breakfast can make for a healthier body. The John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health says that a healthy breakfast provides you with the energy and nutrients that lead to increased concentration and a healthier body weight. A nutritious breakfast can also decrease the likelihood of a mid-morning slump. Evidence shows that healthy breakfast choices can lead to improved dental health too! Here are some tips, foods to avoid and healthy breakfast ideas to help support your body's overall health and give you a healthier smile too! Don't Damage Your Smile with Popular Breakfast Choices You wouldn't eat candy for breakfast, right? Popular breakfast cereals and pastries are often full of sugar. If you're eating these regularly, then you actually are basically eating candy for breakfast. If you're not brushing and [...]

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Dental Services in Annapolis: Routine Exams, Cleanings and More

Welcome to Annapolis Green Dental. We're not open just yet but we figured that we would give you an idea of everything we do. We'll be finishing up our site shortly and keeping you posted here in the meantime. If you're interested in making an appointment with Dr. Schultheis, you can request an appointment here. Routine Dental Services, Cleanings and Fillings We do everything from the once the once a year cleaning to root canals in less than an hour. And everything in between. We use recycled disposable products, reusable items when we're able to, unprocessed cleaning paste and specialized water treatment. Orthodontics Dr. Schultheis is a proud provider of Fastbraces® Technology; offering fast, safe, easy, and affordable braces to adults and children in the Dunkirk, Maryland area. Dr. Gena Schultheis, D.D.S. is a proud Fastbraces® provider: braces technology that is fast,safe and affordable. Dentures We'd prefer that you would [...]

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