Want to Avoid Bad Breath and Receding Gums? Head to your Herb Garden and WF!

Gum diseases like pyorrhea and gingivitis are common in today's society. They are usually progressive disorders affecting the gums and underlying bone structure. Gum diseases can be successfully treated with herbs. Symptoms of gum disease include red, swollen gums that bleed easily, loose or shifting teeth, receding gums, loss of teeth, changes in bite pattern, bad breath, and hot and cold sensitivity. Causes of gum disease include plaque and tarter build-up, nutritional deficiencies,systemic illnesses, allergies, lack of fresh food, too much meat, refined food or sugar in the diet, and poor brushing and flossing habits. The best way to insure healthy gums is an improved diet. Eating lots of fresh, crunchy foods like celery, apples, cereal, seeds, and green salads can improve gum health. Always chew food well and avoid acid forming foods like tomatoes, soft drinks, and refined foods when brushing is inconvenient. Another way to keep the mouth [...]

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What Are Dental Implants?

What Are Dental Implants? Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. Implants provide a strong foundation for fixed (permanent) or removable replacement teeth that are made to match your natural teeth. Dental implants can be made from titanium or zirconium (white) and solid porcelain teeth or plastic teeth can be placed on top of implants to restore the smile of patients. Not to mention patients can eat the foods they love again, they can kiss, smile and talk just like they did in their 20’s. What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants? Improved appearance - Dental implants look and feel like your own teeth. And because they are designed to fuse with bone, they become permanent. Improved speech - With poor-fitting dentures, the teeth can slip within the mouth causing you to mumble or slur your words. Dental implants allow you to speak without the worry that teeth might slip. Improved [...]

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Two Reasons To Schedule A Dental Exam

Four Reasons To Schedule Your Dental Exam with Annapolis Green Dental Today Our teeth and gums deal with a lot. We use them every day, and while this seems obvious, it doesn’t always seem to occur to us we need to do more for them. Good oral care means more than regular brushing and flossing. If we want to keep our teeth and gums healthy, we need to make sure we get them checked at least once a year – preferably twice. Dental exams do a lot of good, and regret will never follow a visit - just read our reviews. Here are a few reasons you should make regular dental appointments to have your mouths checked: Dental Exams Inform When you know more, you can do more. Getting a dental exam is easy to do, and most obvious benefit is it lets you know exactly what is happening with [...]

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3 Tips for Choosing An Annapolis Family Dentist

3 Tips for Choosing An Annapolis Family Dentist Choosing a family dentist in Annapolis isn't necessarily the same as choosing a dentist for yourself. The habits that children form early in life, whether good habits or bad habits - can stay with them throughout their lives. When you're thinking about where to bring your kids to get their regular cleanings, we think you should keep these things in mind. 1. Education and Experience Like so many industries, the tools, procedures and products that dentists use are constantly evolving. It's not enough for your dentist to go to dental school or simply practice for a few years. Your dentist should be reading industry journals, attending conferences and discussing best-practices with his or her colleagues. But what good is learning without putting what you've learned into practice? The best dentists combine years of experience with an open mind and a desire to [...]

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