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We provide a full range of holistic dental services, including general, cosmetic, emergency and biological. From routine cleanings to periodontal laser therapy to complete smile makeovers, we have the skill, knowledge and technology to help you keep your smile attractive and functional for a lifetime.

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At Annapolis Green Dental, we are pleased to treat patients of all ages including young children.

We believe a preventive approach is best. But regular exams and cleanings are just the start of what we do.

We provide preventative care with passion, using natural products that are plant-based, dye-free and gluten-free. We use cold-pressed, certified therapeutic-grade essential oils that get rid of the harmful bacteria in your mouth and probiotics that replenish good helpful bacteria in your mouth and gut.

We focus on preventing headaches; staining and excess wear on teeth; and gum inflammation that can lead to heart problems and other systemic conditions.

Where gum disease is an issue, laser periodontal therapy helps us reverse its course. Where teeth need repair – due to decay or other damage – we can provide tooth-colored fillings and crowns to blend perfectly with your natural teeth. Where missing teeth must be replaced, tooth-colored, metal-free bridges and implants literally fill the gap. Partial and full dentures are options, too.


Almost everyone agrees that an attractive smile is an important personal asset. It can be a real confidence boost, too – not to mention a boost to your work and social prospects.

Advanced dental techniques and materials make a good-looking smile something you can achieve for yourself.

The cosmetic services we provide include teeth whitening, veneers, Lumineers, and Snap-on Smile for an immediate smile transformation.

Orthodontic options include Six Month Smiles, Fastbraces, ClearCorrect or traditional brackets.

When decayed, broken or missing teeth need to be replaced, we use tooth-colored composite filling materials and metal-free ceramic crowns, bridges and implants.


Things like toothaches and broken or knocked out teeth need to be dealt with quickly, to be sure. But some problems can warrant emergency dental care. These include abscesses in the gums, broken braces or dentures, loose crowns, and injured gums, tongue, lips, cheek or jaws.

If you’re not sure your situation is an emergency, play it safe and call us to be sure. If needed, we can provide the care you need to eliminate your pain and get you back to your day.


A holistic approach is our norm even for general dental procedures. We do not use mercury amalgam, and the composites we choose are BPA-free. When an amalgam must be removed, we follow strict mercury-safe protocols for the protection of patient, staff and planet alike.

We understand the impact that failing root canal teeth and cavitations (jawbone osteonecrosis) can have on overall health and your quality of life. And we know how to treat them. Effectively.

Dental materials biocompatibility testing is available – and recommended in cases of patient sensitivity. For toxicity testing and detox support, we work closely with Chesapeake Holistic Health and Dr. Kevin Passero here in Annapolis.

One of the most powerful tools we have is ozone. Think “oxygenated oxygen” – which is exactly what your body needs to naturally keep up immunity and protect you from toxic elements in our environment.

All x-rays are digital, to minimize your exposure to radiation.

We favor natural, herbal pastes and tonics for oral hygiene, as well as using food as medicine. Since so much of what our body comes in contact with enters through the mouth, nutrition is at the foundation of our patients’ health and healing.

We look at all factors that may come into play with respect to oral health – nutrition, stress, exercise/activity levels, lifestyle habits – to the end of supporting both oral and overall health and wellness.

Dr. Gena is an active member of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine and the Holistic Dental Association.

Headache & Migraine Relief

Stress can be a leading factor in tooth and jaw pain, bone loss and debilitating headaches. Chronic headaches and migraines often begin in the teeth.

Correct diagnosis is the first step to relief. That’s when treatments such as sports medicine, cold laser therapy, massage and stretching can offer incredible help – as they have to millions.

If you are – or someone you know is – suffering, call us today!

At Annapolis Green Dental, we have the skill and technology to diagnose the cause of dental-related headaches and migraines without expensive or dangerous scans. We are thrilled to provide all natural headache and migraine relief without pharmaceutical medications and with a success rate of nearly 96%!

A Higher Standard of Patient Care

We are proud to provide a state-of-the-art facility for the highest quality dental care available. Our office meets or exceed all  OSHA and CDC safety standards. Our mercury-safe practices meet or exceed IAOMT standards for amalgam removal. To learn more about our efforts to protect the health of patients, staff and the greater environment, see our page on Green Dentistry.