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Annapolis Pediatric Dentistry

The Eco-Friendly Family Dentist in Annapolis, MD

At Annapolis Green Dental, we absolutely love treating children (and their parents, naturally). We’re a “green” family dentist located in the Festival at Riva shopping center (right near Chuck E. Cheese’s). We understand you have a choice when picking a family dentist. Here’s why we think you’ll like us. We’re currently accepting new patients. Make an appointment online or call us at 410-224-4500 to schedule.

Everything we do strives to balance the latest dental processes with an eco-friendly mindset. For routine cleanings, we use a prophylaxis(prophy) paste made with all-natural Xylitol and vanilla. We love our prophy paste because it doesn’t contain dyes or harmful chemicals. Kids love our prohpy paste because it tastes like cupcakes. Parents love it because their kids leave the dentist happy.

If your child is high caries risk with have Fluoride in a “Varnish” form that adheres to the tooth so the tooth can absorb the Fluoride with the patient swallowing very little of it. No trays and nasty thick goop that can cause stomach illness.

We treat our patients like family. We want you to love coming in for cleanings and treatment. We love sharing in your lives. And we love to share everything we are learning about the effects of your oral health on whole body health.

We have treasure boxes and a “candy bar” with healthy treats for kids. All of our candy options are organic, made with natural coloring from fruit juices, or made with a plant fiber (xylitol) that tastes sweet but is good for your teeth! These treats are also lower in calories – so they’re better for your body too.

Come in today to chat and feel free to bring your little ones!