Teeth Whitening at Annapolis Green Dental

Want brighter teeth? See us for your cleaning and we will use a type of betonite clay, coconut shell charcoal, pumice, doterra essential oils and carrier oils that have all been shown to remove surface stains from the teeth at your dental cleaning. We use a piezo which uses electrical energy (with no sharp scraping instruments) to power-wash surface stains off the teeth quickly and efficiently. We also educate you in ways to use baking soda, clays and oils at home to keep your smile bright after your cleaning.

Do you need to bleach out coffee, red wine, or tea stains? Then bleaching at home for a whiter smile is affordable, easy and comfortable. Got a wedding or special event coming up and need your teeth to be photo-ready? We offer one cost bleaching so you can bleach at home and in office right before the big event for the brightest smile possible.

Are your teeth really sensitive? We have low percentage solutions of carbamide and hydrogen peroxide that can be used safely for sensitive teeth.

For a limited time only if you refer a friend or colleague to us you both will receive a Venus white in a week low peroxide at home bleaching kit for FREE! call to schedule yourself and tell a friend today so you both can have sparkling, fresh, healthy smiles!

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