What Our Customers Are Saying

We believe in making our customers happy and taking the time to explain your options so that you can make an informed decision. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our past customers are saying. You can find more reviews here and on Facebook, too.

Annapolis Green Dental five star review from Lisa A.
Lisa A. | December 2015
“I was a new patient and came in with multiple dental issues. They were able to see me right away and From the moment I waked into the stunning office they were all so accommodating with my children and helpful. Every visit after that has been just as fabulous.”

Annapolis Green Dental five star review from Antonio A.
Antonio A. | December 2015
“The visit was very fast and painless. I’ve had several appointments so far and each and every appointment I leave happy and feel valued.”

Annapolis Green Dental five star review from Erin S.
Erin S. | November 2015
“Annapolis Green Dental was so refreshing in every aspect. This was my first visit and everything from the location, office decor all the way through to the entire staff was perfect!! I was not ever aware of “Green” Dental practices and the fact that they are a “Green” Dental practice makes it that much better!!!”

Annapolis Green Dental five star review from Maryjo N.
Maryjo N. | October 2015
“I am usually very uncomfortable at the dentist but Dr. Gena and her staff were delightful!”

Annapolis Green Dental five star review from Maryjo N.
Bridget S. | September 2015
“Dr. Gena is a great dentist and a great person.”

Tyler G. | March 7, 2014
“My visit was outstanding!! The best dentists office I have ever visited!”

Less than 3 months ago by Cathy C. (Verified Patient)
“She helped remind me that only a few bad apples does not ruin the whole bunch. I really liked how she was informative with everything and willing to work with me on all that is needed to be done. She informed me fully of options out there to help resolve issues I am having. Also helped me to make more informed decisions on what path I am going to work towards for my dental needs from here out. I hope to have a life long relation with her on all my dental needs.”

January 3, 2014 by a Verified Patient
“Overall the appointment went very well. Dr. Schultheis did an excellent job of not only getting the work done, but explaining what she was doing and why she was doing it.”

Macky Tinsley
“Where to start?!! The facility was clean, bight, Eco-friendly, they even have a fireplace! The staff is knowledgeable and easy to talk to and was able to answer all my questions I had about my teeth, mouth and gums. Dr. Schultheis was very patient with me and was gentle on my teeth. I highly recommend this practice! Before you leave make sure you get some candy! Yes candy! (it is sugar-free, but delicious).”

Lindsay Wescoe
“We absolutely love going to Annapolis Green Dental. My son looks forward to it, which for a 5 year old is saying a lot. Dr. Gena makes the kids feel so comfortable. She lets them get comfortable with her, she takes her time but does it quick enough for how long they sit. At the end he gets healthy candy and pick from the prize box. What other dentist does that. It is a great place for families. You feel at ease from the moment you walk in. We wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Gena!”

Mark B.
“Great doc! Smart, friendly and compassionate. Great staff too!”

December 20, 2013 by Joel U. (Verified Patient)
“Great dentist experience! The lobby/waiting area is beautifully and serenely designed, reminiscent of a spa and in keeping with the practices green dentistry paradigm. All interactions, at reception, with the hygienist/ assistant, and with Dr Schultheis we’re pleasant and personable. The care itself was first rate, excellent proficient dentistry, detailed but clear discussion and guidance, and of course a pain-free visit! Highly recommend”